About Cara

I’m your Content Marketer.

“My journey is unique and my talents are rare.  With a background in playwriting, production, and education- I’ve mastered these skills to help female entrepreneurs create powerful stories & market them like a boss!  I love building powerful brands & I’d love to help you discover the same for your brand.  Specifically for my #Hustlegirls, I help them develop high-quality & competitive content to share with their audiences.”

Cara Inspires

cara copy 2.jpg

Cara Inspires is the inspirational voice of the Millennial Generation – teaching a standard of self-help, social economics, & entrepreneurship- Cara empowers entrepreneurs to be brilliant and get things done.  Known as the “Content Queen“, Cara is an expert in content marketing.  From creating copy for websites to ghost writing for a blog…Cara helps her clients go from confused to confident in their business communications.

Born and raised in Chicago, Cara holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Concordia University Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts in Production Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  She has been featured on ABC-Channel 7, WYCA 102.3FM, and iHeartRadio. With her background in Public Speaking, Cara has also graced many stages as Keynote Speaker, Emcee, and Hostess for over 15 years.

Cara teaches women to build their own economy, be brilliant, and get things done- which all requires hustle.  She created #Hustlegirl- a community for female millennials who want to make money with a personal brand online and look good while doing it!  #Hustlegirl teaches busy women to manage their time well, strategically use their thought leadership, and create freedom in their lives through entrepreneurship.  Our e-community focus is optimum health, wealth, & lifestyle.  

A social advocate at heart, Cara authored #Hustlegirl: How to be Brilliant & Get Things Done- a lifestyle guide sharing powerful stories of successful women.  It’s filled with wealth, health, and spiritual lessons to equip real women who want life-changing results.  #Hustlegirl www.carainspires.com is a new social movement which provides female leaders with tools, inspiration, and community to live empowered lifestyles.

A gift which combines the wisdom of a teacher, the skill set of a producer, and the heart of a sister- Cara empowers women daily to transform their mindsets, create realistic plans, and hustle!


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