Don’t Quit Your Business Girl…You May Just Need to Up Your Marketing Game

You need all of your investments to start paying off…like RIGHT NOW-the website, the coaching, the list goes on & on.

They told you to “brand” yourself but having a business goes beyond that- you must market yourself AND your brand consistently to let others know you’re ready to help them.

Answer this: How often did you present your brand last year?

If the answer is not much, I know you weren’t satisfied with your sales…

Listen, I know what it’s like to:

-feel frustrated with no or low sales

– feel confused with identifying your ideal client

-feel like a fake because you aren’t making money

-want to quit because it seems it’s no use

I’m here to tell you there’s hope.


Join me, for Marketing Made Easy – Saturday, February 18th at 10am CST for 2 full hours of tools, tips, and strategies that will help you:

-show up in your marketplace with confidence

-professionally share your business

-know AHEAD of time your budgets, teams, & sale items for each event this year

-easily identify those who are ready to buy


-begin the sales process

You’ll walk away able to market right after our training!


Enroll now.

I’m giving you all of the strategies I wish they had told me 5 years ago when I began.  Register for this training now so you can:

save time, money, & your sanity this business year.  You can finally “plug & play” the foundation of your business so you can enjoy what matters most- your freedom.

During this 2 Hour Training You Will Learn:

-Why Marketing Is Always Vital and How You Can Increase Profits in Your Business!

-How to Create a Solid 12-month Marketing Map That Will Organize You to the MAX!

-How to Identify, Set & Measure Goals for Marketing.

-The Pros and Cons of DIY Marketing vs Hiring a Content Marketer &/or Team.

 -The MAJOR 3 Call to Actions (CTA) to build your Mailing List.

 -How to Create Your Dreamteam So They Can Help Execute Like a Boss.

-The Importance of Adding Live Streaming into Your Marketing Campaign.

-Best Types of Content to share and Products to sell via Live Streaming in your industry.

-Budget-Friendly Tools to Run Your Streams like a Pro.

-How to Create Your Own Talk Show online.

You’re invited to our training via Zoom on 2/18, register now  -we only have 20 virtual seats total for this training which will be recorded and you will have LIFETIME access to the recording for your reference.

If you need sales, the step before that is consistent marketing.

Register now so I can help you “Slay in Your Lane”.

Want to chat before the training?  Click here to book an appointment with me 1-on-1.  I’m here to help you go from confused to confident in your business communications.




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