12 Days of Hustle

Give me 12 days & watch me help you Slay!

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It’s Money Mindset Monday ladies!!! Plus it’s DECEMBER so you know I’m all hyped to give you aspiring boss babes exactly what you need so you can be brilliant & get things done!  Register here to join the hottest event on Periscope and it starts THIS WEEK.  I’m breaking down all of the details you need to:
-grow your tribe
-share your business
-make money in less than 12 days

Yes, 12 days…I’m also sharing with you my 12 fav biz moments this year and how you can plan some of your own for 2017.
If you’ve been:
-running your biz as a hobby
-wanting to “get out” more…but not sure to start
stuck, not making any moves in your business
then register now.

Chicago was LIT..again

So all I can say about this weekend was “Yaaaaaaassss!”…my fav word.  I met my fav author Cara Alwill Lebya AGAIN… (insert scream).  She’s an inspiration to me and actually the author who pushed me into writing #Hustlegirl.  Check out the event pics below and also check our my 3 reasons you should craft your content for profits.

1. Create powerful content with your thoughts so you can inspire:  Cara’s book shared detailed moments of her ups and downs.  As I read them, I would say to myself….yaaaas, I feel/felt the same way.  This connection is priceless and creates loyal fans.

2. Create powerful content with your thoughts so you can transform:  It’s not enough to tell your readers/viewers your testimony…Tell them how they can get what you got!  How did you get to the “other side”??? Share the secrets…this helps you MAINTAIN your tribe.

3. Create powerful content with your thoughts so you can profit: It’s funny..before I had products & services in my business, I would WONDER how to make money…now with valuable items such as my book #Hustlegirl: How to be Brilliant & Get Things Done, our growing t-shirt line, & of course my content coaching we only have to make sure we market to those who want us and consistently “ask for the sale”.  My visibility has increased in the marketplace and my sales have tripled this quarter alone.

What are you waiting on?  Take your brilliance and get things done.  If you don’t know where to begin, join us for my Free 12 Days of Hustle Periscopes beginning this THURSDAY, December 8th-23rd. Register here to get in formation.

Werk the Stage was HOTT!

Sat at the Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago, I met up with Jai Summers, host of Werk The Stage- a flirty take on fitness and the #Hustlegirls were “werking it”! It was the perfect balance on mastering our sexy while dancing.  We were so focused on getting the moves right that we didn’t realize we were working out too!
#HealthyHustlegirl TIp: If you don’t like to workout…dance.  

Check out my fav dance videos here.

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