Faith Without Works Is Dead…

Hey Hustlegirls,
You may have heard this saying before…but it’s true.  I haven’t been a part of any successful project without putting some clear work into the mix.  As a brilliant woman who wants to get things done in life…it’s easy to look at others we admire and get “caught up” in their details. We excitingly make plans and to-do’s and then- BOOM! We’re stuck…we start second guessing ourselves and often get caught up in the rut of mediocrity and comparison.

But no more sis…NO more…

There is still time this year to make some moves in your personal and professional lifestyle.  Yes, you can add “style” to your life…as my business coach, Da-Nay Macklin says…you can live by design or default…it’s up to you.

So which do you choose today?

What will your season…THIS season look like for you?
Will you:
-finally write that book
-start your non-profit
-begin sharing your tips on social media
Whatever you say yes to…you have to:
-write your vision
-reach out for help
-pull up those sleeves so you can #hustle
I’m talking about a #healthy hustle … not running around like a chicken with your head cut off…but a:
effort to “styling” your best life possible.

If you are interested in creating better health & wealth, I would like to personally invite you to my FREE #HealthyHustlegirlCall! There, my business partner Jausalyn & I will announce a program we’ve been working on that will help women get up and get going in life!
You can register right here.
Below are the call details- Register here and accept the challenge…remember, we grow OUTSIDE of our comfort zones…
it’s time…join us!
Oh yeah…
Your FREE gift…
(I didn’t forget about ya…)

Enjoy a complimentary audio where I encouraged a group of women to get their #Hustle on!  I hope it helps you and your brand too…Check it out here.

Be inspired #Hustlegirls…we’ve got work to do this this last quarter.


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