Catch Me On Your Video Phone


It looks tempting doesn’t it?  What could Beyonce be up to with this video clip?… Whatever it is, you can believe it will be entertaining, fashionable, and controversial- that’s her brand.  However, the “play” button is the answer.  Daily, millions of peeps click this little button to learn about their favorite things.  As an entrepreneur, what will your ideal clients want to watch about you? Wait, do you even have videos for your brand?
Vlogging is THE leading force in content marketing for 2016!  Why?  It involves visual, auditory, & tactile experiences.  Outside of live events, it’s the next best thing.  This year alone, consumers can expect to see video playing a larger role in their customer journeys (a.k.a. relationship marketing). Boss ladies, use vlogging to build your brand this year!


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My mission is to help women entrepreneurs build their confidence, brand their hustle, so they can build their legacies!  Vlogging is one way I help them accomplish this.  Click here to enroll in my Vlogging Masterclass now. 
Here’s a gift for you 
Don’t build your brand alone…


Also, if you are ready to continuously make money with your brand then I encourage you to book a 1-on-1 Hustle Session with me here now! They are quick, easy, and loaded with lots of strategies to help you get your hustle on!
Watch Beyonce’s video here! #beyhive

Periscope Invite

Speaking of videos… catch mine here for all things business, boss, & spirit!

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Cara Inspires is affectionately known as The Marketing Mentor.  She’s also your Content Marketer, Vlogging Expert, & Creator of the Speak & Inspire Program. She helps leaders go from confused to confident with their marketing!  Her mission is to empower millennial women and single mother-prenuers with economic education. Daily, she shares motivation, branding, & marketing tips! Connect with her on Periscope and Instagram

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