The Networking Mixer that turned into House Party!

mixer pic 2

Beautiful Chicago evening…

Bun on fleek…

The people were early and ready to mingle…

until…the DJ turned the music all the way up!

“Wait a minute, this wasn’t what I planned! Guests were supposed to mingle!”, I thought to myself.

Sidebar: the OLD Cara would have worried, went off, or something to that effect.  However, I’ve learned through wisdom to be conscious of my attitudes and feelings towards my business…even in the midst of a change of plans.

mixer pic 3

So, do you know what I did when the DJ started playing House music to the highest volume possible?!


mixer pic 1

The guests were already up on their feet dancing, drinking, & reciting all of the lyrics to ” Loddy Doddy” by Mr. Lil One!  They had a blast and so did I! Everyone said they just really needed to get out of the house and enjoy themselves!  It was a blast!

Lesson: Every event will not go as planned.  However, your attitude and intention are the bit that sails your ship to shore.  Enjoy, relax, & party on!

cara & rayna


Q&A picWhat are you doing tonight? 

I’m hosting a quick Q & A call tonight at 9p CST, I’ll answer all of your speaking, branding, and content questions to help you present your brand.  You know you have them, let’s unlock a few things tonight.  Talk to you soon!

Be inspired.

Cara Aljoe
Speaker, Presentation Strategist,
& Professional Speaking Coach 
to help thought leaders become 

visible & profitable.

“It’s time to make your mark & money”
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Coming December 2015…
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