Millennial Entrepreneurs: You CAN Do It!


Never before have I felt such a serious feeling.  It’s a deep ringing in my heart.  My mission is to share, teach, & equip millennials how to speak properly, inspire their audience, & profit.  The message is simple yet requires  work:

“It’s time to DO IT!”.

This topic has been on my mind for several months and I wanted to share my theory of ‘Doing It‘ with you to encourage and excite the millennial entrepreneur.

“This topic aint for everybody”.

working late

This is for the leader, visionary, innovative who stays up late at night working on their product.  It’s for the single-mother of 3 who works 2-3 job just to make ends meet but doesn’t let that hold her back from building her empire late a night.  I see you girl… This is for the businessperson that even though it doesn’t look like they’ll make it, they know they will because they feel it in their spirit.  If you are still reading at this point, I’m talking to YOU!

Yes, you.

It’s time.  It’s time to control your own economy.  Look at all of the people who have done it.  I’ve never been a follower, but look at these statistics from Andrea Huspeni, an Entrepreneurial Writer with Entrepreneur Online.  She writes ,

“Of those still at a “regular” job, 71 percent are pining to quit and work for themselves and 60 percent stated they will leave within the next two years.”

You can read more about it: here.

Listen, you are not a “rebel”, you are not alone, and you most certainly are not crazy for wanting:
-more money
-flexible hours
-control on your income
-to lead with innovative ideas
It’s OK, so embrace it. I know it’s hard to break from the traditions, expectations, and footsteps your parents taught you but it’s also time to create miracles in your life that you, your family, and communities, will thank you for.
Go get it!
Be inspired,

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