I needed a refill…what about you?

Hey VIP’s,
It’s been a minute Very Important Presenters and I wanted to drop you an note letting you know that you were on my mind.
I just returned from the sunny parts of San Juan, PR, where I was able to get exactly what I needed to refresh my point of view, recharge my battery, and of course Present My Brand!  My recent transformation was one of my best experiences personally because it embodied EXACTLY what I desire for my clients:
Here’s a little peek of the 
Rest & Rejuvenation time I had each morning…
PR Ocean view
I am working daily to share and protect my OverFlow with Very Important Presenters just like you.  It was truly an experience I wish everyone can have…it was LONG overdue.
But enough about me, what are you up to?  I’d love to have an appointment with you.  If you need a “recharge“, I hold “Blah Blah” Sessions where you can share your ideas and we create a plan, same day to give you accelerated results.  When are you available this week?
—->Schedule your appointment herehttp://pybblahblah.eventbrite.com
Please reply to this email after you’ve booked your time.  Afterwards, I will send you a ‘Brand Audit’ link to give me a head start for our session.
I’d also like to invite you to a no-cost 3-day event I’m hosting Wednesday, July 8th- Friday, July 10th @ 6am CST.  On this call, I will share 5 Secrets to help you “Always Remain Inspired” .  This complimentary call is perfect for entrepreneurs, authors, and artists who are ready to move forward with their dreams. Let’s get it!
—->Share with your peeps & sign up herehttps://aricall.eventbrite.com
Here’s to you getting everything you need this season!
Be inspired,

_N7A1801r (2)Cara Inspires is an author, entrepreneur, and professional speaking coach who believes through quality presentations, anyone can build a successful business and life of their dreams.  Cara helps entrepreneurs, authors, and artists create content, master their speaking style, and Present Their Brands!  Her mission is to enlighten, educate, and encourage creative souls to turn their passions into profits. Cara owns Bahiyah Productions, LLC.- a social arts production company in Chicago and Present Your Brand-Branding & Sales Agency- a one stop shop for all of your branding needs. To connect with Cara Inspires, email her at: carainspires@gmail.com and stay connected for inspiration, events, and more!

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