“Experience Vision” Event with Cara Inspires

So….you have ANOTHER poster from a vision board party…

It probably went a little something like this-

You talked a bit about creating a “vision” for your life…

Grabbed a few magazines and began to cut all of the “things” we should have…

Happy families.

Good health.

Great Careers.


During this cutting process, you may of had a few convos with those around you and then…after the glue stick dried…you posted your board in a room at home.

This is good for some, but as comedienne Kevin Hart would say…”the way my passions are set up”, I always leave those events wanting MORE!  I need more than just pics…I need text, statements, little artsy/crafty gems and all that jazz to make me WANT to check out my board on a regular basis.  But, I always felt like the other attendees would look at me and think “she’s doing too much”!

-Good thing I don’t give a damn anymore 🙂

After surveying 100’s of women and attending a number of vision board parties, I can say at the end of the day…all the attendees REALLY want is to achieve a few goals & to make themselves better…while having fun of course:)

So…What do you want?

I ask this question mainly because if you DON’T know what you want…the images on your board really rely on the material available in the used, donated, &/or random magazines.  That got me to thinking…what it I don’t want anything “visually” from a Men’s Sports, Good Housekeeping, or even an Ebony magazine?

 seeing is believing


“Believing” is seeing…you can’t simply cut out a pic, paste it to a board, and think it will “insta-manifest” (yup, made that up). You must use your WHOLE being to create lasting change in life.  We must create an authentic plan.”

~Cara Inspires

As we prepare for my FAVORITE holiday…THANKSGIVING!  Many will find themselves busy completing projects, planning events, and even making time for families and things we love.

But have you made time for yourself?

Not that trip to the spa (that I’m soooo ready to book…btw), but actual QUALITY time set aside to work on YOU.  We’re less than 50 days until the new year…have you really made time, set aside some priorities, to reflect on your desires that will lead toward authentic success?

Creating our best lives possible should be our ultimate priority.

~Cara Inspires

If your answer is no…I’ve got a surprise for you.  I’m having a party and I want you to be my guest of honor! If your answer is yes..well…we can ALL “turn up”!

This season we’re hitting up my hometown Chicago for our 1st :

“Experience Vision” with Cara Inspires

November 29, 2014



(fee covers training materials and personalized EV Kit)

South Holland Public Library 

North Meeting Room

16250 Wausau Ave

South Holland, Il 60473

In this training, we’ll discuss:

-How to determine the difference between DESIRES & GOALS!

-Ways to master our mindset in order to BELIEVE ACHIEVE your VISION!

-The power in having a “sacred space” for you and your VISION!

-The good, bad, & ugly of MAINTAINING your VISION!

You’ll also receive:

3 audios/videos to kick off & guide you for our PARTY!

-An “EV-desk” to personalize visuals for your board!

-1 on-1 consultation before, during, AND after our party to gain CLARITY, CREATIVE IDEAS, & ACCOUNTABILITY concerning your VISION!

and much more!

Sign up here: http://evwithcarainspires.eventbrite.com for only $27.00!

It is my passion and pleasure to host this event!  It’s going to be an afternoon of fun, encouragement, and action for all of my guests!  There are only 20 “EV” seats available, so if you are in the Chicago-land area on November 29th, 2014…I welcome you to –


See you on November 29th, 2014…

EV invite OVER

Be Inspired,



Seating is limited and I really want you to experience this event that will give your desires, life, & even business (a boost for 2015! This is a luxury networking event for those who want to create stability, progress, and income.  If that’s you and/or someone you know… share, RSVP, and prepare to “Experience your Vision”.


Created by Cara Inspires. Cara bridges performing arts and business inspiring creative souls to present and market their brands on a level that makes them visible, relevant, and competitive. She is a mother, certified educator, speech & marketing coach, and producer. Her mission is to enlighten, educate, and encourage entrepreneurs through her events, services, & blog: http://www.carainspires.com.  In her spare time, Cara enjoys watching James Bond movies, traveling, and catching up with her good friends.  

Connect with Cara!

Blog: http://www.carainspires.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CaraInspires

Email: carainspires@gmail.com

Instagram: carainspiresme

Cara Inspires is a product of Bahiyah Productions, LLC.

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