Top 10 Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

top 10

There are MANY things that I could mention that can help get you on the right track during your journey as a creativeprenuer.  The following are the TOP 10 ideas I practice daily…keep in mind I said “practice”.  There will be days where you want to throw each reminder out of the window…lbvs. However, the overall goal is to remain diligent in your business efforts.  After all, it’s YOUR business to take care of YOUR business J  Enjoy!

  1. Be consistent– Consistency is the key to success with ANYTHING. Remaining consistent during any and all circumstances is vital when working your craft.  For example, maintaining consistency alone gains credibility and respect among peers and customers.  Don’t worry if you aren’t receiving feedback, compliments, and/or acknowledgements right now…if you are consistent, customers will remember you and your CONSISTENCY with sharing your message.  So… get to it & stick with it!
  2. Have Faith– Belief in yourself is so important because for many- it’s all we have…especially if you are just starting out in business. There will be seasons where many won’t “like” or “share” your Facebook status’.  You’ll have events where your family and friends are your only guests.  You may hold a training or a call with NO ONE on the line.  Reach into yourself and use #1 (consistency)…have faith in yourself and rock out-regardless.  In due time…you will shine!
  3. Master your mind with a motivated group. “Birds of a feather…”  Yeah, you get it.  We are only the products of the company we keep.  Get aligned with like-minded, business-minded, and motivated individuals who are just as equipped and passionate about their crafts.  YOU WILL NEED EACH OTHER.  After all, “it’s hard to talk about bananas with someone who’s never tasted fruit”.  If you are a photographer…get connected with other photographers- they know what you experience, need, and are sometimes challenged with.  They can offer resources, solutions, and support SPECIFICALLY…you don’t have time for general.
  4. Stay current on technology– This is a new one for me as well. Some relate tech with youth, but really technology helps us complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.  Stay up-to-date with what’s hot in the tech world.  For instance, Audria Richmond (, an International Branding Stylist and fellow creativeprenuer I admire, offered some FREE tech tips via your personal phone that I now live by! It’s helped me share my message faster, economically, and professionally.
  5. Frequent professional development– Similar to technology, stay current on services, programs, and resources to perfect your art/service. Creativeprenuers face a unique challenge because we not only use our “creative” side that needs continuous development, but also the “business” side.  BOTH need to flow simultaneously to achieve success…so “work it”!
  6. Create an inspiring working space– A messy, cluttered, space will not inspire…period. File the papers, organize your e-folders, buy a new planner and …”work it”!
  7. Maintain a good balance between being an introvert and an extrovert– This is something I actually pride myself in personally. I LOVE people- they are interesting and inspiring…but I also love MYSELF.  I spend a lot of time in meditation and talk to myself a great deal.  No I’m not crazy…I think… (am I?)…lol!  But I do use the gift of self-talk to “check”, prepare, and even encourage myself.  This is important for creativeprenuers in efforts to express myself artistically and professionally-clearly.
  8. Always keep your “why” in mind– Why do have a business? What are you passionate about? Knowing the answer to these questions is essential in being successful.  Answer them, write them down.  After All, you’re an artist…you create!  Make a painting, create a document in Publisher, and keep it visible so that your “why” is constantly in mind.
  9. Have fun– Stay pumped! Business sometimes gets mundane and route.  Mix it up!  Rotate your “daily” tasks.  Play your favorite music when working.  Do whatever it takes to get your work finished.
  10. Remember you “chose” your profession as a creativeprenuer– When times get tough, remember there was something deep down inside that inspired you to start this journey. Your “bumps” or “set backs” are here to strengthen you.  In addition, when times are good…be confident that you made a decision that is working to create more space for you in life personally and professionally….so “work it”!

Be inspired,

Cara Inspire$

“Turn your passions into profits”

CI Artistic Profile 1Cara Inspires is a creativepreneur and teaching artist.  Her mission is to enlighten, educate, and encourage creative souls to turn their passions into profits. She owns Bahiyah Productions, LLC.- an innovative performing arts company and Cara Inspire$, LLC.- a Creative Consulting Community for creativepreneurs.  To connect with Cara Inspires, check out her blog:, email her at: and stay connected through Facebook: for inspiration, events, and more!

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