Welcome to Cara Inspire$!

Welcome to my little world!  Where I take a moment to inspire creativity, productivity, and profits with creativeprenuers such as yourself.  A “creativepreneur” is one who chooses to use their creativity to earn income…stepping “out of the box” and into the spotlight as an expert in their profession through style, skill, and passion. This is what I inspire and I love it!

Welcome to my NEW blog! I’m Cara Inspire$ and I do a number of things…


I’m a multi-passionate– meaning I’m one who engages in multiple projects simultaneously…you can say I’m something similar to a “Renaissance (Wo)man” or a “Jack of all trades”.

I’m a licensed teacher.

I am an actress & singer.

I am a writer.

I’m also an entrepreneur.

I own an innovative performing arts company called Bahiyah Productions, LLC. (https://www.facebook.com/BahiyahProductions) and now my most recent venture, Cara Inspires, LLC. (https://www.facebook.com/CaraInspires) where I enlighten, educate, and encourage creativepreneurs to turn their passions into profits!

I hold a personal mission that my gifts make room for me and that I have true power to create at my disposal whatever is needed for me to elevate in life personally, spiritually, professionally, and financially!

But I did not always have this way of thinking.

Quite the opposite….

I USED to be UNinspired, UNmotivated, and UNwilling to do anything about it.  I used to HATE my jobs and could not understand why my jobs were whack* (adjective; appalling in nature, unconventional: Urban Dictionary). Too many whack jobs, dead ins, etc led me to MANY years of frustration, uncertainty, and complacency.

Until one day I decided to stop living by default and actually create what I believed I deserved…

A “whack-free” life.  A life full of possibilities and promise vs. one that was filled with problems and pessimism.  I decided to use the “right” side of my creativity and fuse it with the logic on the “left”.  The creative freedom I experienced was surreal, spiritual, and sacred simultaneously.  It is an experience I hold dear to and share with Creatives just like you in this community to help you along your journeys.


I’m a multi-passionate.  I’m a creative being that gets excited when it’s time to get down to business and actually earn income.  I believe that when we use our gifts they make room for us in ways we never could imagine.  I also believe using your gifts allows OTHERS the opportunity to do the same, causing a fusion of “creative exchange” where there is a continuous cycle of inspiration, clarity, and momentum.

You are a part of the “creative exchange” …there is something unique that only YOU can bring to inspire others.

Perhaps you’re a “soloprenuer” and you run your business single handedly…you MUST create strategies, resources, etc to help you manage effectively.  Maybe you have a great “side-hustle” that if you took just a little more time to work on…you could kiss your 9-5 goodbye!  Or If you’re creative person like me whose career is to create new, original, and innovative content for you audiences then this blog will be a wealth of resources to help you stay enlightened, educated, and encouraged.  Through my blog, videos, and workshops…I’ll show you how to use the gifts you have to CREATE a “way out” of lack, frustration, and procrastination.

Welcome to the beginning of an INSPIRED future.


Cara Inspires

CI Artistic Profile 1
Cara Inspires is a creativepreneur and licensed teacher.  Her mission is to enlighten, educate, and encourage creative souls to turn their passions into profits. She owns Bahiyah Productions, LLC.- an innovative performing arts company and Cara Inspire$, LLC.- a Creative Consulting Community for creativepreneurs.  To connect with Cara Inspires, email her at: carainspires@gmail.com and stay connected through Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CaraInspires for inspiration, events, and more!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Cara Inspire$!

  1. I am sooooooo proud of you Cara. You are inspiration to others. May God continue giving you the desires of your heart.


    1. Thank you so much Shenee! It really means a lot. Fresh posts of inspiration are dropped every Sunday. We also hold a “Creative Call” every Thursday @ 9pm CST. I’ll share the link on your FB page.
      Cara Inspire$


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